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A Hair Tie To Dye For

A Hair Tie To Dye For

Just had a hair refresh and working in a job which requires you to tie your hair up?

Although, not many people would put two and two together, these factors can cause your hair to become dry, damaged and brittle. 

Whether you’re a waitress, doctor or flight attendant, some jobs are required to have your hair up and out of your face. Hair damage is a common result of many factors, but bleaching or dying your hair, on top of the constant strain from it being bound in a tight bun or ponytail, could be what tips it over the edge.

To keep your hair happy and healthy, there are various things we can do – a great hair mask once or twice a week, a good heat protectant or oil to smooth things out – but breakage can also be caused from a common lacky or hair tie. So, it is imperative that we look further than the products we use – we have to also consider the accessories we use too. 

Silk scrunchies are proven to be gentle on hair, with several benefits to keep your locks looking lush. The fabric itself improves moisture retention, with the amino acids in silk holding moisture instead of absorbing it. One downside of bleaching or dying your hair is that it zaps out all the moisture. The chemical in hair dye lifts the hair cuticle – your hair’s natural protection – to allow the dye to penetrate and effectively change your hair colour. This process is damaging to hair strands as it is not meant to be lifted, and the longer it is, the more damaged it gets. When using a regular hair tie, the fabric can rub on your hair and tug at it causing breakages. Whereas a silk scrunchie helps the hair retain its conditioning products and natural oils to ensure no extra moisture is being stripped away. Breakage and frizz go hand in hand, and routinely using a silk scrunchie helps to fortify the hair to prevent it from breaking and therefore preventing frizziness. 

To maintain your silky smooth hair, incorporate some silk scrunchies into your hairdo. It is an easy and simple – not to mention elegant and stylish – way to enjoy a makeover while still maintaining a neat and tidy hairstyle that is work appropriate.

Check out Masqe’s silk scrunchies and dive into the world of silky smooth hair and never look back! 


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